Artec RoboticScan

List Price: $78,995.00
Our Price: $69,995.00
Inspected and Guaranteed 3D Laser Scanning Equipment
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The Artec RoboticScan 3D Laser Scanner offers the following features:

  • Features the Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner mounted to a UR3 Robotic Arm
  • Provides greater control and faster results than manual 3D capture
  • 3D Resolution up to 0.1mm
  • 3D Point Accuracy up to 0.05mm
  • Ability to capture texture : yes
  • Texture Resolution : 1.3mp
  • Colors : 24bpp
  • Light Source : blue LED
  • Working Distance : 0.2 – 0.3m

Artec RoboticScan 3D Laser Scanner Applications:

  • E-Commerce
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Quality Control

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