Surphaser SurphSLAM

List Price: $141,995.00
Our Price: $129,995.00
Inspected and Guaranteed 3D Laser Scanning Equipment
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The Surphaser SurphSLAM 3D Laser Scanner offers the following features:

  • Continuous Realtime Registration and Rendering for Indoor and Outdoor Environments
  • Range : up to 130m
  • Scan Rate : Up to 208,000 points per second
  • Laser : Class 1
  • Realtime Feedback : See the map being built as you walk
  • Instant Results – Review and download the fully registered point cloud after every scan

Surphaser SurphSLAM 3D Laser Scanner Applications:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Environments
  • Architecture
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Forensics

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